nursing shortage?

  1. I am a UK registered psychiatric nurse and plan to work in Alberta or British Columbia. It appears to me that Canadian government closed some hospitals recently. Is it easy to find a job after I registered in Alberta or BC?
    I got a mental health nursing deploma , is it enough to register in Alberta or B.C. Advice pleased!
    Thanks lot!!!
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  3. by   fergus51
    I answered you on another thread. Most of the hospitals closed were smaller ones, so I don't know if you would have found work there anyways, but to find out if your diploma is enough to get you registered you can go to RNABC's website. and it has links to Alberta's board of nursing too.
  4. by   jurbyjunk
    Hi Francis. I'm sending on this website to you
    It's for the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of BC, probably full of info on licensing, etc.

    You can also check out, which lists jobs in US and Canada.

    I'm not a psych nurse, so am not too sure what's available here in the "lower mainland". I do know that the Royal Columbian Hospital, in New Westminster, has a psychiatric unit. You can check out available jobs on their website

    Riverview Hospital, in Coquitlam, is "the" psych hospital around here, but am not sure how the provincial government's "new era in health care" is impacting on it. I believe that their move is to get patients out of hosptal and onto the streets of Vancouver, to sleep on the sidewalks in order to save a buck. Guess you can figure out where I fit politically. Anyway, you could go into, type in "Riverview Hospital" and see if they have a website. Good luck.

    My best friend lives in Ramsey, Isle of Man. Where are you?