Nursing Education in Amsterdam, NL

  1. I am going to be visiting Amsterdam the first week of April and would like to visit a medical center to see how it compares to those in the US.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I have been trying to research how nursing training and education (my area of interest) is conducted, but haven't been successful. Any suggestions for touring hospitals, schools of nursing would be most appreciated!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Best suggestion is to contact the department of nursing at some of the major hospital facilities there, as well as the dean, or equivalent, at some of the major nursing schools located there. Many of the professors were trained in the US in many countries. Perhaps you could give a lecture, as a guest lecturer, to the nursing students in their program. I loved doing that when I was in Thailand. It proved quite beneficial for everyone on both sides.

    Best of luck to you...................
  4. by   Stephan
    Hi Carol,

    If you're thinking of visiting a hospital or an institution for nursing training I may have a suggestion for you.

    This is the Email for information at the "major" Amsterdam School for Nursing training Hogeschool van Amsterdam - HvA and their nursing faculty:
    HBO-V (v = nursing ("verpleegkunde") ) is this one:
    Write them if you like and see what happens.

    The major Amsterdam hospital is called AMC - "Academisch Medisch Centrum". The adres is:
    Academisch Medisch Centrum
    Postbus 22660
    1100 DD Amsterdam

    I'm sure their PR people can help you....

    Currently the Netherlands has a four-year Bachelor course in Nursing. But after ratification by all members of the EU of the Bologna treaty this will change into the 3 + 2 / bachelor - master system as existing in the UK.