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  1. hi everyone.
    i am korean and majoring nursing in my country.

    i want to become a nurse in turkey
    but this is too hard to get information about how to be a nurse in turkey as a foreigner.

    i will drop out my korean university and go to the turkey for new admission.

    i want to know about process of being a nurse in turkey.
    for example,
    in order to get nurse license,
    we have to take an examination after university graduation in korea.

    and i wonder whether foreigner can take a turkey's nurse license exam or not.
    I heard that foreigners in the Philippines is not eligible for philippines's nurse license exam.

    Thanks for reading it. I wish you have a good luck.
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  3. by   Felton20
    hi. i wanna know how to be a registered nurse in Turkey too. Please help.
  4. by   kenanoren
    I am a Turkish nurse working in Istanbul. I didn't know much about foreigner nurses in Turkey. But I did some research and found that a new law recently passed and now foreigners can apply to work as a nurse.

    We do not have a nursing licensure exam here in Turkey. Any nursing school graduate becomes registered by the ministry of health. I found this website, unfortunately it's in Turkish, but I can make a summary for you:


    To my understanding, they will collect all your documents and review it and then issue a working permit for you. I'm not saying "license" because we are not licensed. There's no nursing body to give a license. Only the ministry of health. We also don't have nursing boards.

    You will only be allowed to work at private hospitals or establishments. No government hospitals.

    I think it is better if you contact private hospitals and find employment before you apply. Here's some useful websites:

    Acbadem Kariyer

    İş Başvurusu | Anadolu Sağlık Merkezi

    For some private hospitals, we have a higher standard healthcare than any other developed country. I work at a hospital with the highest standard. And I am a nurse with US experience, I know how is nursing in the US.

    I don't know why you want to come to Turkey.

    Nurses are not paid high, but the cost of living is very low.

    Good luck.
  5. by   wwnurs
    How does the Ministry decide if one if qualified to work in Turkey? How does one find out about opportunities with private hospitals and establishments? Thank you.
  6. by   kenanoren
    I think you need to contact the private hospitals first. After you are offered a job, the hospital may take care of the paperwork with the Ministry.
    As I said before, there is no licensing body for nursing other than the Ministry in Turkey. So, if your education is equal to a Turkish university, that would be enough.
  7. by   jason2013
    Hi kenanoren... Thanks for the information.. can give me some detailed information regarding private hospital in your country who accept foreign nurses to work.. is Male nurses also is accepted? im a nurse working here in the Philippines for 4 years and wish to work in your country if given a chance... thanks a lot
  8. by   kenanoren
    I am a male nurse, so male nurses obviously accepted.
    Many large private hospitals are looking for foreign nurses. I don't know why. I see their ads on websites. Many private hospitals are willing to attract patients from neighboring countries.

    If you're serious about coming here, contact the private hospitals' HRs. Some of them are Acibadem Group, Amerikan Hospital, Medicana Group, Medipol Group, Anadolu Saglik Merkezi, Medikal Park Group, Alman Hospital..
    As I said before, pay is not as good as in developed countries, but the cost of living compensates it..You can make 2000-4000 TL after tax, depending on your experience, specialty etc. House rents around 500-1000 TL depending on neighborhood. Groceries may cost 500-1000 TL depending on your preference and also neighborhood.

    Good luck.
  9. by   kenanoren
    A Korean nurse with Chinese or Japanese language would be a great candidate as we have many tourists from those countries.
  10. by   salahghaben
    Kinan hello hello I am a nurse from Gaza, I want to complete the study in the Master of Nursing in Turkey, I want to ask what are the entry requirements for foreign graduate students in nursing Internal surgery or the administration and leadership in the School of Nursing at the Florence Nayantqil of the University of Istanbul
    Is Elios exam for postgraduate studies required
    What are the costs to study the masters and, if possible, to say the cost in dollars
    Do you require the school experience
    I graduated from the Islamic University of Gaza at a rate of 89
  11. by   markeecebu
    to mr. kenanoren, im an OR nurse here in the philippines. im looking forward to pursue a career in turkey. do you have any advise on what hospital to apply in? is language a barrier there?. please reply thru my email thank you.
  12. by   Fiona59
    Quote from markeecebu
    to mr. kenanoren, im an OR nurse here in the philippines. im looking forward to pursue a career in turkey. do you have any advise on what hospital to apply in? is language a barrier there?. please reply thru my email thank you.
    Well, do YOU speak, read and write fluent Turkish? Patients are going to expect it.
  13. by   kenanoren
    I know little about this. You will probably need to take the Foreign Student Exam (Yabanci Ogrenci Sinavi). I don't know about the costs for foreign students, for locals university education is free. You need to check the university website:
    Good luck.
  14. by   damir
    Merhaba Kenan,
    I have some questions about Nursing Education in Turkey. Can I ask you via email? Please, take a bit time for your response. my email thank you for attention. Damir