Nurse coming from Portugal

  1. My wife is currently finishing her 4 yr degree in nursing in Portugal.
    I am currently living in the New Jersey and im a green card holder.
    I plan on applying for citizenship as soon as next yr. once she's done, she will be coming over here. She's already going to a school to learn the english language, however, she is in the begining.

    How can i help her to succeed over here with her tests?... what tests will she have to take ?... Please give me some ideas of what i can do.

    I honestly appreciate your help in this matter.

    Please reply to my email address:

    Luis Seabra
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  3. by   suzanne4
    The only exam that she will be required to take is the NCLEX exam for licensure in the US. New Jersey is still requiring the CGFNS exam, so I recommend that she get license thru Vermont, and then endorse her license over.

    She will not be able to do anything about applying until she actually has a completed set of transcripts. But she has a major advantage in that she will be getting a spousal green card, so won't need to deal with as many immigration issues.

    The best book for review for her is the Saunder's Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN. It does the best job of explaining the rationales behind each answer. The best source out there for foreign grads who wish to work in the US.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions.
  4. by   pessoalfixe

    I totally appreciate your help. it has been xtremely helpful.

    im going to check the info ya gave me and i'll let ya know what they tell me.