no chance for pediatric nurses?

  1. hey there,

    I have looked all over the place to find some information for pediatric nurses from Germany. I live in NY and I applied for licensure through CVS and the BON in NY. the whole procedure took 1,5 years and they finally denied me completely because of my title "pediatric nurse" The lady I talked to at the BON in Albany even told me they don't even bother looking at my transcripts because of my title.
    I studied pediatric nursing in Germany, yet my title allows me to practice nursing in general and pediatric fields. German law requires a special course of study for nurses who want to work in pediatrics. general nurses are not allowed to work in pediatrics for their lack of pedi hours during college.
    I still received adequate training in general nursing and i compared my transcripts with a general nurse's transcripts- they are very similar. I have worked more in adult care in Germany than in pediatric units since graduating and it's so frustrating that they basically tell me that my whole education is worthless and I'd need to start all over with nursing school.

    Is there anyone who can give me some advice? The NY BON has been very unhelpful, I couldn't even ask them for a copy of my transcripts to take to nursing schools and I can't imagine starting all over.
    I would definitely be willing to take some classes but I can't start all over with college since we're having a baby on the way.
    any help is very appreciated!!!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You must have clinical and theory hours in both mental health as well as maternal health to be considered for licensure in the US; plus your program must have the minimum hours in both clinical and theory to meet the requirements of both Canada and the US.

    How long ago did you attend school and for how many years? And what title did you use there?

    The US also requires that the theory hours be completed at the same time as the clinical hours.
  4. by   steffibee
    Suzanne4, thank you for your prompt reply. I graduated nursing school 3 years ago in Berlin/Germany. I did have maternal/mental health training along with all the general nursing students in both clinical and theory.
    That's what is so frustrating to me. The problem seems to be that there are no specific regulations on the requirements of hours in each subject. I understand that each case is unique but they said its not the hours of training but my title that doesn't even make them bother looking into my transcripts.
    I am the equivalent of an RN in Germany. General Nurses work in all fields of nursing except Pediatrics and I was trained for both Pediatrics and General Nursing. I've worked in Maternal/Pediatric and pulmonary intensive care for adults.
    The problem is that just because my job title says pediatric nurse people automatically assume that I have less education but that's not true.
    Unfortunately state law in NY says that they only accept applications from General Nurses.
    I'm pediatric but that doesn't mean I wasn't trained in general nursing as well.
  5. by   suzanne4
    Must you use the title pediatric nurse, are you required to use that, or do you also have the title of RN? There must be something missing from your curriculum for them to not want you to give credit for it. They do not go specifically with titles if your training was at least as much as the general RN in your country.

    It may come down to the way that your school broke down your hours, etc. If you want, send me a copy of your curriculum to my e-mail address here that you can get to by clicking on my user name and it will take you directly there.

    There are many nurses from the UK that are peds nurses and have no issue getting accepted for licensure in the US.

    How long was your training program in your country? And is ther a longer program over the length of yours? The US also requires that the foreign nurse be considered a first level general nurse in their country to qualify for licensure in the US.
  6. by   steffibee
    my training was 3 years total- This is the longest program for RN's.

    total of 1904 hours of theory- 647 in Pediatrics and 1257 in General Nursing (geriatric, maternal, mental, surgery, internal health, anatomy)
    My transcripts show individual hours for each subject in nursing school, like ethics, hygiene, nursing procedures etc.

    total of 3363 hours of practical training with emphasize in pediatric units, but also 300 hours in ob/gyn, 150 hours in operating theatre, 192 hours in mental units, 192 hours in home nursing, 154 hours in an adult icu.

    My professional title says I'm a first level pediatric nurse. However, my school sent a cover letter along with the transcripts explaining that I am trained in general and pediatric nursing and that my title allows me to work in all specialities of nursing in Germany.
    It's complicated but I've always wanted to work in pediatrics and german law requires a special training for nurses who want to work in pediatrics.

    I don't know if the transcripts my nursing school provides are unclear but there has to be a misunderstanding.
    The BON told me I could appeal but chances are slim and the lady I talked to on the phone said that they'd most likely throw it out.

    do you think I should try a different state? Take my transcripts to a nursing school and see if they give me any credit?
  7. by   suzanne4
    Were your clinical hours and theory hours done at the same time? That would be my next question for you.

    One big issue that you have is that most states are going to require the CES that is also done by CGFNS, and no way around that. Looks more like you need to get something from your licensing board there about their specific requirements because of the title that you have been assigned by them.

    Do you actually have a green card, or will you need to be applying for one? With the need for the green card, you also need to go thru CGFNS for the Visa Screen Certificate.
  8. by   steffibee
    Hi Suzanne,

    thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I was out of town for christmas. My in Laws live in the Albany area, so i took the chance and went straight to the BON in Albany and talked face to face to the person who denied my case. They admitted that they simply threw my transcripts on the garbage pile just because the title "pediatric nurse" indicated that i was trained and educated in a specialty of nursing and that they didn't even look at any of my transcripts!! They only look if the title states "general or first level nurse"

    well, after I explained my case, they said I need to have my nursing school in germany send them a copy of the curriculum for general nurses so they can compare them to my transcripts.
    duh. Not like they could just LOOK at my transcripts or pull out somebody elses transcripts to compare them. But I guess that's all I can do for now and hope that they'll review it and finally pay some attention to my transcripts.
    i don't understand why there isn't something like a standard for how many hours of training they require.

    regarding your questions: I did my clinical and theory hours at the same time.
    It's basically the same training as a general nurse, just that general nurses don't get enough training in pediatrics in germany- their title doesn't allow them to practice nursing in pediatrics, that's why there's a special course for ped nurses like me -except that I am allowed to work in all fields of nursing since I get trained in all areas. But my title is registered pediatric nurse. and I guess that's where the problem is for the BON.

    I do have a greencard and live in NYC as a permanent resident.
    Hope you had a great christmas!

    best regards,
  9. by   suzanne4
    The issue also is that NY does require the CVS be completed by CGFNS before they will look at your file as well. That is required if you trained out of the US, even if you have a US passport.

    Through the years have seen different glitches occur, usually with the wording of something and it can usually be corrected. But you ave to understand where they are coming from. In the UK, a peds nurse does not necessarily meet the requirements for licensure in the US as well as Canada since they usually do not have all of the required hours, same thing goes for the mental health nurse from there.

    Be aware that NY waits for the CVS before they will do anything with your file, that is what CGFNS is paid to do for them and is under contract with them to do as well.

    Have a safe holiday and keep me posted on what happens.

    p.s. Just as a side note, you may wish to go for licensure in another state and then just endorse to NY. You will still need to go thru the CVS process, but can at least get the exam done if they accept your credentials.

    On average the CVS process takes about 8 months to get thru.
  10. by   steffibee
    I did go through CVS with my initial application that they denied. They just want to see a german curriculum for general nurses to compare that one with mine for some reason. The guy I talked to said that my nursing school should just forward that to his office and that this doesn't have to go through cgfns.

    yeah, if they still deny me after that, I will either try a different state or see if there is a nursing school that will give me some credit and then just take classes.
  11. by   suzanne4
    The issue that I am seeing here is that CVS was denied, that means something since CGFNS is so familiar with most programs. At this point in time, have your school send the requested information to NY and let them make the final decision.

    If you were just missing a couple of courses, they would have told you that and which classes that you would need to make up. So that is another reason that things are not adding up here to me.

    Before most schools will accept you, they are going to require the CES done by CGFNS. If you can get credit for what you have done, then you would be in the best shape to just complete a year or so and get the BSN.

    But there are still puzzles as to why the CVS was not completed, there must be something in the way that your school completed your transcripts, etc.