1. Hi there, I'm a qualified RMN here in the UK. I am keen to move and work in the US but I'm aware the qualifications are different. I am keen to do my conversion to RN but I've heard some people have done this and they still have not had the required credits.
    Has anyone succesfully converted and worked in the states or can recommend a course.
    Any info would be gratefully recieved.
    Thanks and glad I've joined.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    I took the liberty of moving your thread to the International Forum, where it is more appropriate.

    First question for you would be when did you complete your program for the RMN? To work in the US, you are required to have completed both theory and clinical hours in all of the required areas. You are going to need hours in both pediatrics and maternal to qualify even to be able to write the licensing exam. This is where the problems usually come up.

    Best suggestion for you would be to get a credentials evaluation done by CGFNS ( and use the CES application for the full-course review and find out if you can meet the requirements with what you have already completed.

    Have seen RMNs that needed to make up courses, and some that have not. Would start with the CES, then go from there.