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  1. Hi, Everyone. I'm new to this, so hope that I'm writing this correctly. I am an American citizen living in the UK. I have been living here for the past 8 years. I am set to qualify as an RN in 12 weeks. The problem is that my British husband and I have recently divorced, and he has moved back to California. My two daughters (aged 9 and 11) and I want to move back to the States, where my family is. I am so confused about what I need to do in order to work there as an RN. I have been told conflicting information reqarding my qualification. Here are some questions I have. Firstly, how do I find out whether I have met the required theory/placement hours for paeds, obstetrics, etc. I know that there is something called CGFNS in the States that checks and verifies your qualification. My concern is that if I am short hours, are there places either in the UK or (preferably) in the States where I would be able to make up the hours. If so, does anyone know how long it would take. I thought that with the EU directives, those qualifying will have met the required hours, but now I am not so sure. I have not approached my university yet as I wonder whether they would be helpful. The NMC said that I could send them my transcript, and they would let me know where, if any, deficits exist. Also, I thought that I could still nurse in the States with the three year diploma, but I was wondering whether I have to have the BSc. I thought that you could still nurse in the States with an associates degree. Please help! I really want to go home. If I have to stay here for another year (not longer) than I will, but the sooner I can get home, the better. Thanks.
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    It is hard to say whether you will have enough hours or not as a lot will depend on which state you apply to. If you are short of hours you may be able to make the hours up in the US as a guest student at a school of nursing. I would suggest you look at the state nursing board (BRN/BON) links can be found at the bottom of the page. CGFNS do do a CES which is assessment of your transcripts and will determine whether you are short or not. We have had some nurses short and then others not but you do need hours both clinical and theory in Mental health, Paeds, Midwifery as well as general. nce you meet state requirements you will be given permission to sit NCLEX which you will need to pass to be able to work. Many UK nurses have been able to ork in the US with 3 years of training.

    the starting point for you is the state board of nursing. Have a good read and then any questions ask and we will try to help