New Zealand->Australia

  1. Hello! i am studying nursing in new zealand. but i want to work in australia after graduate. can someone tell me whether i need to register in nz first? or can someone give me some suggestions what is the best way. one more question i am a foreign student, can i find a job in australia? thanks a lot!!
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  3. by   gwenith
    If you check out the thread at the "top" of this forum called "Australasian Resources" you will find links to the ANC and many others. There is some talk of a trans Tasman agreement which would make registration between Australia and New Zealand reciprocal but I don't know how far we are down that road.
  4. by   jayna
    Hello there Vivianhuang
    Which nursing school in nz are you at?
  5. by   vivianhuang
    ??? are you in nz as well? i am in CPIT.Keep secrete just kidding! I plan to work in Australia after graduate.
  6. by   jayna
    Its possible for you to work in Aussie after graduation. Check out the sticky site gwenith has posted above.
  7. by   Goodie
    Hi everyoe, I'm from Canada and am thinking about moving to NZ. What is the cost of living like? and how much is a starting RN wadge?
  8. by   jayna
    The cost of living not that bad

    Starting nursing salary bad :imbar NZ31,000 per annum (somewhere around that range).