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  1. Hi,
    I'm a new poster here, although I have briefly read the boards in the past but never looked into them properly and am now glad I did as I recently returned to hospital nursing.

    I finished my degree in 1989 and did my grad year on a neurology ward and a neurosurgery ward so I ended up specialising in Neuroscience and was so burnt out by 1996 I left the hospitals and went to work in a non hospital setting. I used two nursing skills in 6 years - taking blood pressures and venepuncture.

    In the last 6 months I really missed the hospitals so decided to make moves to go back into the hospitals. I recently started on a medical ward and really like it.

    I did not want to go back to my specialty, although if I did I would have been able to do a refresher course because I was out of it for so long but since I went to a different area, I don't qualify, they see it as any new nurse to a new area.

    I am getting frustrated because there are so many new drugs out and I have forgotten so much of what I new, I bought two new books, fundamentals of nursing and a medical surgical text plus have acquired a MIMS. I'm trying to study it all again but am struggling. I need some direction (I posted about this is general nurse discussion forum).

    Anyway, my grand plan is to work until August 2004 in the medical ward then go to the UK for a year to work. I'm working on my UK nurses registration and have that all under control.

    I just want to improve my knowledge. The CNM in our area and SDN are really impressed with my skills ect (I can't believe I remembered all the practical stuff like it was yesterday) but I am not happy with my background knowledge.

    So, thats my story!
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  3. by   gwenith
    Hi Bulletproofbarb! Welcome to the Austrlaian Nursing forum. I am sure you will find your skill coming back the best bet is look up each and every drug and keep looking them up!!!

    I used to run a re-entry course and the more consolidation you had post registration the easier the transition back into nursing became. Don't forget that if you were going from neurosurgery to medical that the drugs are completely different. If you need any more help or need to talk things over feel free to PM me.