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  1. Hi!I had submitted my application @ NM BON last dec..Last January 24,I received a letter from my mail which is my fingerprint card b/c there is no signature in it.I sent it back on Friday on the same week.Theytold me it will arrive on Jan 30.However when I checked my e-mail add last Jan.26,i received a confirmation from the BON telling me I am complete with the Board and I can now register to Pearson Vue which I did,thinking that was my eligibility.But then after having an account in pearson and when I checked my status i found out that my eligibility is pending.would that be possible?I'm quite confused on when will I received my ATT since as far as I know the expiration of ATT is only for 90 days.But the slots for Hongkong is almost full.May I ask how many working days will I received my ATT after the e-mail I got from BON.My registration with pearson is Hongkong,is there a possibility that I could change my location without additional cost?Can you pls suggest a place where there is a cheaper site for fare and accomodation aside 2nd to Hongkong and at the same time I could find time to relax and enjoy their country's good spot?How about the visa,do I need that?tnx.......God bless!Need your help!
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    if you provide an email adress on your registration in your pearsonvue registration, it will arrive there. pending means they are still waiting for the approval of NM BON if you are eligible to sit for exam. pearsonvue will contact the BON. if the BON said your eligible, they (pearsonvue) will send the ATT immediately to your email address (if you provide one) or in your home address. the counting of 90 days will start on the day you recieve your ATT.

    scheduling exams in international testing sites like HK, korea etc needs to have additional $150. making appointment for these centers is done through phone.

    but if you want to take the exam in US or in any of its territories, you dont have to pay for additional $150. you can schedule an appointment through the website or you can also call them...

    yeah you can change test center location anytime. however...

    if you already scheduled an appointment for exam in international testing site and paid the $150, then later on you've change your mind to take the exam in US or its territories (guam, saipan), you will not be able to get a refund for your $150.

    but if you scheduled an appointment in US/any of its territories then you've change your mind to take it in international sites like HK etc, you have to pay for additional $150.

    ***yeah slots in HK is almost full... however, there are test takers who scheduled an appointment in advance and reschedule their appointments if they think they're not yet ready.. just be vigilant in checking the calendar schedule because it changes every now and then... many test takers back out and reschedule their appointments most especially if the testing dates are getting nearer.. you'll be surprise and you'll see that it has many slots for a week and in batches... just check the schedule every now and then to get a schedule for your exam..
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    thanks!it's such a big help!god bless!
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    no problem.. goodluck!