New Jobs? Will McGuinty keep his promise?

  1. Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

    McGuinty government invests in nursing

    Announces Funding for 400 New Full-Time Nurses

    TORONTO, April 22 /CNW/ - The McGuinty government is strengthening
    Ontario's health care system by providing $25 million to create 400 new full-
    time nursing positions in Ontario hospitals, Health and Long-Term Care
    Minister George Smitherman announced today.
    "More nurses working full-time means better, safer patient care," said
    Smitherman. "With this investment every hospital in the province will be able
    to hire at least one new full-time nurse."
    The government will immediately provide $25 million to 122 small- and
    medium-sized public hospitals to create full-time nursing positions. This
    funding goes along with the $25 million invested in large hospitals in
    February to create full-time nursing positions. As a result of nursing
    investments over the last few months, 800 more nurses will be able to have
    full-time jobs.
    Also in February, the McGuinty government announced $25 million to
    improve working conditions for nurses and $14 million for new nursing and
    patient safety equipment, including ceiling-mounted bed lifts.
    "Nurses are the heart and soul of the health care system." Smitherman
    said. "This investment will enable more Ontario patients to benefit from the
    healing hands of a nurse."
    "Our government will insist on accountability for results that people
    need," said Smitherman "Hospitals will be required to show that they've used
    the money to create full-time nursing positions. If a hospital fails to create
    full-time nursing positions, it will lose the funding and it will be
    reinvested in hospitals that can."
    "The McGuinty government is committed to building a stronger health care
    system that provides quality care when you need it," said Smitherman.

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  3. by   lalaxton
    Actually this announcement has already translated into 8 new full time jobs in our facility! So yes, maybe sometimes what the politicians promise does come true!
  4. by   JACALA_CL
    Our Facility Is Talking About Layoffs Again!
  5. by   lalaxton
    Sorry to hear that Jacala,
    Just goes to show that just because the government promises new jobs does not mean that hospital management knows what to do with them!