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  1. hi.. can sumbody help me pls..
    ive just passed the nle last nov 2008, and i wanted to take nclex but i still don't have my license id from prc. is there a state where i can process my nclex application even without the license id?..bcoz they said that i have to wait for about 6 mo.s for my license id to be released.. i only have the board certification rating for now..
    thank u very much..

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    Because you have taken the NLE then you have to declare it on your application, you only need verification that you have passed from PRC (as far as I am aware) With retrogression there is no rush. Which state do you want to work in apart from California (which we do not recommend for initial licensure) it is better to apply to the state you want to work in.

    I would suggest a good read in this and the Philippine forum
  4. by   khira
    thank you very much..:spin:
  5. by   khira
    i wished to work in cali.. but my aunt told me that my license will expire if i can't provide an sss number within 3 yrs after the exam... is it possible that ill just took the nclex for the state of new mexico and just process reciprocity (im not sure with the exact term) in cali? and if fortunately i pass the nclex exam in new mexico, can i renew my license even im just in phil?
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    Your Aunt is right, don't apply to Ca for initial licensure. You can apply to what ever state you want and remember you have to meet their requiremetns. Once you have your work/immigrant visa and in the US with a SSN you can sort Ca out but be aware may still take a few months as they will more than likely require you to send in your transcripts. Although NCLEX has reciprocity licenses don't and you will still have to meet Ca requirements for foreign trained nurse. (you could start the process for Ca once you know you have a visa but they will not issue a license until you have your SSN)

    With retrogression you are looking currently at over 4 years plus so may want to consider another country

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