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  1. Hi i'm a 2nd year student psychiatric nurse in the UK. I have to organise a negotiated placement for 4 weeks next year any where I would like to go. As i have family ties in Canada, Ontario, I would like to hopefully spend my four weeks there. I have trawled the net looking for somewhere to accept me but they all seem to want qualified nurses. All I need is somewhere that will accept me for 4 weeks and give me a mentor to work with at no cost. I am very interested in specialising in those with Schizophrenia. If anybody has any information that will help me get the ball rolling please can you let me know. Thanks
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  3. by   fergus51
    Have you tried going to and clicking on Canadian hospitals then entering the city you want to get the contact info. Toronto has a zillion hospitals you could try. The larger hospitals often have clinical nurse educators who arrange placements for students.
  4. by   fergus51
    Another way to guarantee a placement is to take courses for a certificate in mental health nursing. Humber college offers a certificate program and because clinical is required, you would be ensured a spot. It may mean taking an extra course or 2 by distance, or proving that your course content covers the same as their required prereqs to clinical.
  5. by   ChelseaGal
    Hi Fergus51... Thanx very much for the information it was of great help. I have emailed the Institute Of Mental Health Research, in Ottawa, probably the wrong people but hey you helped me get the ball rolling ..... That website of the hospitals was great although I shall have to use snail mail to contact the hospitals directly, jeeeez us Brits can be so lazy

    Thanks again for your help I'll let you know how I get on :kiss
  6. by   fergus51
    Good luck, I hope things work out. I would definitely look into Humber College, or any university that offers nursing programs in the area you want to be. I had to arrange a practical placement for myself as a student and did it through the nursing program at the university in the city I wanted to go to.
  7. by   ChelseaGal
    Hi again Fergus.... i have emailed Humber and will let you know what happens ..... I have been reading quite alot of the postings on the Canadian sites.... Is there a shortage of nursing jobs in Canada?? Becos if there is the last thing I wud want to do is emigrate and take a job that a canadian student cud have.... I have read a bit about danger pay to.... I know I am just a student nurse and probably not an expert in this but British nurses wether RN or RMN risk their lives every day as do other nurses across the globe .... I am a student nurse on a bursary of 485 per month, work that out in dollars cos I cant .... but am expected, even tho "supernumary"!! to work, study and be a part of the team... I have had an ocassion when my life was in danger from a mentally ill patient, on a bursary i rely on my husbands income and be honest what would the NHS pay to my family if that incidence was fatal??>>> shuts up now

    thanx fergus ure infomation has been of gr8 help... can u tell i had a bad day lol....
  8. by   fergus51
    There is no shortage of jobs (in Toronto at least). I have never had trouble finding work in BC either.

    The danger pay you've heard about is only for a select few nurses working on SARS units in 4 designated hospitals. It is certainly not the norm and I am not getting any of it. Ontario does have good life insurance and disability insurance for nurses though. The whole danger pay thing arose out of the fact that hospitals had to use agency nurses to staff sars units and pay them handsomely so it wasn't really fair to have the regular staff making 25$ an hour while the agency nurse working with them looking after the same patients was making 100$ an hour. It isn't easy to find people to work on those units.

    BTW, that bursary isn't so bad, I just have a huge debt from my student years (still paying it off)
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  9. by   ChelseaGal
    makes mental note to read more in email yet........ <<~~~~thinks fergus shud adopt me for 4 weeks .... still paying it...... jeez, i thought the bursary sucked !!!!
  10. by   fergus51
    LOL!!! If you come to Toronto we can meet up
  11. by   ChelseaGal
    ... absolutely most definitely lol...... 4 weeks in Canada with no buddies is quite daunting .... but i am determined to get there .. xx