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  1. hi everyone! i took my local board last june 2006 and i got my licensed today...coz my surname starts with the letter A so before the TRO filed i was already registered....prc released my licensed today and my question is can i take nclex now in vermont since they required a photocopy of licensed.. pls waiting for ur reply..and god bless,,,thanks
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  3. by   kiko88
    hi rn! Congratulations!

    I've heard that PRC has issued licenses to a few recent nle passers due to their registration prior to the court's 60-days temporary order last month (August).

    There have been a couple of court hearings in the CA, parties have been heard by the court through their respective counsels, final written arguments are now being prepared and it seems that the case will be ripe for decision in a couple of weeks. The decision will affect the entire batch of the recent nle examinees.

    If it's not very urgent on your part to submit that copy of your local license to the VT bon, you might want to consider holding it first for just a couple more weeks and wait for the court's resolution. Then, you can make your final decision based on the court's ruling (and PRC's announcement, if any).

    But, it's really up to you rn. This is just a humble suggestion if you don't mind.

    I hope this helps.

  4. by   lawrence01
    I think this good advice from kiko. :wink2: