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  1. hello,i'm new here. i recently obtained my visascreen certificate. my recruiter keeps telling me that i have to wait for the new US EB-3 visa to be approved by congress before i can start processing mine. is this true or could i already start with packet 1???? tnx.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    first, this thread is being moved to the interational forum, please follow the red banner at the top of the philippine forum.

    and once again, your recuiter is clueless, you can have the i-140 submitted and then proceed with everything else up until the time of the interview and medical exam. and where does this wonderful recruiter work? sounds more like the agency does not want to pay for anything right now.........

    if you want to work in the us, suggest that you find somepne that knows what they are doing. if they are giving you wrong information now, what do you think is going to happen later on?
  4. by   damuh_yuzah
    thanks for the reply. i'm just concerned with a couple of issues. first, if i do look for another recruiter, can my current recruiter file a case against me? i have not given him any original documents, only photocopies. i did however sign a contract with him stating that he can officially represent me with regards to finding an employer. i have yet to sign any official documents with regards to an employer. i'd also like to ask as to what should i do with regards to my NCLEX. i passed my NCLEX in the state of california, it's requiring me to provide a social security number. how do i obtain one and what should i do when it expires? the BON has given me three years to provide one, will my NCLEX be nullified when i fail to provide a SSN?could you also give me pointers on how to find recruitment agencies which i could trust. what should i look for and what questions should i be asking? thank you.
  5. by   suzanne4
    You should have never signed with a recruiter that is not an employer...and I suggest that you cancel the agreement that you have with them, since they have incorrect information.

    You can have all immigraiton processing done other than the medical and interivew while the retrogression is in place.

    You have three years to give CA a SSN#, if not by then, then you will jsut need to reapply to CA for a license. You do not have to take the NCLEX exam again.
  6. by   damuh_yuzah
    tnx 4 the info!!!