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  1. Hi All,
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    I was referred to this group from the "General Discussion Area" and would appreciate your time and advise.
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    Greetings. I came across this wonderful site via google. I see a lot of action here and very useful information at all levels. I need some help from you.
    I have a diploma in Nursing (2 year course) from India. I worked for 2 years in India. I have a green card (dependant).
    I reside in Maryland and am looking for information on where to start and what are the required steps to obtain a license for working as a nurse.

    IF this is not the correct place, my apologies:imbar and would appreciate if you could point me to the right place.

    Thanks in advance for your time and wish you all the very best.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You will need to submit an application for licensure to the BON of Maryland. I am not sure if your two year degree will qualify, as you must be considered a First Level RN in your country. The Diploma programs there that qualify have been two year. That being said, you will need to apply to the BON for licensure. They also have a language requirement to be granted a license in Maryland. Were you working as an RN in India, or equivalent to the LPN there?

    Since you already have a green card, you will not need to go thru the Visa Screen Certificate requirements. You will only need to write and pass the NCLEX exam, but that will be up to the BON to make that determination.

    Hope that this helps. I would go first to the Maryland BON and check out their requirements.

    Please let us know if you have any more questions.
  4. by   NewNurseInUS
    Hi Suzanne4,
    Thanks a lot for your invaluable time and input. Appreciate it much. I searched for the MBON site and have emailed them (Donna Aversa) a request for the Examination Packet.
    Is the number listed on their website always an automated service or is there a live person?
    I wanted to find if they require a CGFNS visa screen or just the NCLEX would suffice. I will keep trying.

    I shall keep the group posted on the progress.

    Thanks again for your time and help, have a nice weekend,
  5. by   suzanne4
    Visa Screen Certificate is only for immigration and has nothing to do with the Boards of Nursing at all. What you are speaking of is the Credentials Evaluation (CES) done by CGFNS as well.

    There should be a packet that can be downloaded directly fromm their website. What you want is application for license by examination. Then just follow the instructions given with it.