need advice regarding a nursing area

  1. Hi there

    I was wondering if I can get some advice regarding the following areas as a grad nurse program. RIght now I need to pick three clinical areas and am struggling.

    * Operating Nurse
    * Post Anesthetic Recovery Nurse
    * Ob-Gyn Nurse
    * Maternity Care Nurse
    * Special Care Nurse
    * General Surgical
    * Cardiac Surgery
    * Intensive Care
    * Labor and Delivery Nurse
    * Community Health Nurse (clinics)

    By the way, is there a difference between a Ob-Gyn nurse and Labor and Delivery Nurse??? As in this area I would like to be there when caring for the mother about to give birth but not necessarily deliver her baby? Which area would this be classified to?

    If I wanted to be a theatre nurse for the cesarean section, is this another specialty area or is it just classified Theatre Nurse?

    Any advice I would be honoured to receive. So many areas of nursing has left me unsure.

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  3. by   Fiona59
    I would pick three that worked together, OB/gyn, Maternity, and LD for example. Sounds like you would get a good background in women's health issues. OB/GYN units in the hospitals I've worked have been mainly gynie units (post op care and care of women after fetal demise).