nclex vs MSN/MAN

  1. ill be taking my MSN this june major in adult health (thesis).

    i just dont know what to expect... to all MSN/MAN graduates w/ thesis in the philippines , who passed nclex..
    can you compare the two in terms of difficulty? time consumed studying? the stress level...

    when you look at their subjects its kinda easy..

    advanced pathophsiology i think would be the most difficult... even the major subjects are not quite difficult
    cardiac nursing/renal/endocrine(3 units each so youll study 1 system at a time).... or can i learn something new
    with these subjects that were not taught in my college years/saunders book/nclex review...
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  3. by   Taimanov
    msn graduates from USA are also welcome to comment.
  4. by   juan de la cruz
    I'm sorry I didn't understand your question. Were you asking about the difficulty level between the NCLEX-RN and a Master's degree in nursing? Just from my own perspective, sitting for the NCLEX-RN does not compare to the difficulty I experienced from attending graduate school. Realize that the the NCLEX-RN tests your competence as an entry-level RN. Questions are aimed at the "generalist" nurse, not a "clinical expert". On the other hand, a master's degree in nursing should be aimed at preparing nurses who are ready to practice at an advanced level. Courses are taught to build up on knowledge learned in your BSN program, hence, the course title "Advanced Pathophysiology" instead of "Pathophysiology" which you probably already had in your BSN.

    The ideal way is to graduate from your BSN, gain work experience, choose a specialty of interest, and pursue a graduate degree in your specialty of interest (such as "adult health", as you mentioned). Unfortunately, some schools in the Philippines seem to be allowing a "fast-track" approach to specialization for nurses who have no clinical experience to build up on. Given that it's so hard to find a job there as a nurse, I am inclined to say I don't blame you for wanting to keep busy by continuing your studies. Good luck in whatever you plan to do.

    BTW, I got my MSN here in the US, if that makes a difference.
  5. by   mench_32
    Hi there taimanov....
    Are you trying to compare between the stress and level of difficulty for NCLEX exam & MSN/MAN. Based on my experienced, before i come over here in california...i finished my MASTERS OF ARTS in NURSING with thesis there in the phils . I finished my masters in 2 years, aside from academic requirements from different subjects.. you have to pass the comprehensive exam for thesis writing, before thesis proposal to finally conduct a research study. Onced you passed it.. you undergo the different steps for reserach study and finally the final defense of your thesis before you can graduate to graduate school. Its stressful due to several corrections of your study then research and submit . I spend sleepless nights yet it needs deligence and patience especially in scrutinizing the research study. I can say the level of difficulty is 7 and the stress level is 5 because it can be managed as long as your persistent on pursuing to achieved your goal. In NCLEX its totally different....stress level is 10.. difficulty level is 10. WHY? In Nclex it is an entry level exam....meaning they want to test your knowledge on different nursing will never know what type of exam that the computer gives you. In order to pass the exam you must maintained an aboved the passing rate in all categories, not near the passing rate. The type of exam given is based on the performance on how you critically asessed and answer each question. The question that is given to other nclex examiner is totally different from other examiner also. Its totally different from NLE exam in the phils and also the CGFNS. In Nclex questions you have to based the american standard of nursing care. The questions are created with IVY towering rationales....thats why , NCLEX is the most difficult exam ive encountered in my whole life with all the SATA's and tons of prioritization, physiologicaladaptation,precautions,delegation,ass ignment based on different nursing concepts & Application and also meds that never been heard in the philippines....Im not trying to scare you.. but its reality. Ive been a nurse educator in the phils...yet its totally different....atlast i beat NCLEX and im a California RN license. Thanks GOD...Im challenging to continue pursuing your goals both of it... NCLEx and mSN/MAN degree, I knew you can do it. The road is a bit thorny... just have FOCUS, be courageous and determined on what you spells SUCCESS. Have faith and pray to GOD always.
  6. by   Icecandy
    I'm currently taking Masters of Science in Nursing, majoring in Medical Surgical. The challenge in taking up masters is when a person is working full time then if you're going full-load with the subjects (I'd say good luck to your weekend social life plans!). In my case, I'm working night shift, so sometimes I have to sacrifice a Saturday date with my boyfriend for a whole-day class. hehe. =D With the masters (in Concordia), you don't listen to your teacher's lecture like a typical student, but you also talk in front of your classmates. So a person have to be prepared to REPORT and vice versa, listen to a lot of reports! (I don't know with other colleges though). With NCLEX, it tackles the general concept of Nursing. So, it's more broad, there's so much more to review like Fundamentals of Nursing, the BSN concepts (Med-surg, OB, Psyche, everything). With Masters, you focus on your major. That's why you'll have 3 advanced subjects on the area you chose (like for example, Medical-Surgical), the others are prerequisites and of course, the THESIS and comprehensive examinations. Masters degree aims to make you a "master" of your chosen major. It basically builds on the present knowledge you have on your major and it enhances retention and adds more to your knowledge base.