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  1. Can someone advise me on training course (In-class) for NCLEX RN in New York. I am planning to take the RN exam in the second half of December. I live in New York and I am educated in India. I am doing very bad on practice tests. The reason is that I am not used with test methodology, at least two answers look same for me all the time and I choose the wrong one most of the time. I really need help.

    I know Kaplan is offering different courses. One for US educated students and another international students. They are not offering the international one any soon in New York. Also, many of my friends had negative opinion on Kaplan courses.

    Please help..........


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  3. by   suzanne4
    I highly recommend that you do not take one of those courses. If you do not feel comfortable with the material, then delay taking the exam. You may want to focus on some English classes to help with better selection of the correct answer, some are just variances in how the English is used.

    You are much better preparing for the exam on your own.

    And the issue is not usually with the testing process, but the use of the English in the exam questions. I specialize in helping foreign nurses get thru the exam, and the issue is more with English than anything else. Have you taken the English exams yet?
  4. by   seenacyriac
    since i have greencard, i don't need to take the english exam. i thought i covered the theory well. i used saunders, kaplan, nsna and few other books. you said "english classes to help with better selection of the correct answer, some are just variances in how the english is used". what kind of classes you are referring to? do you know any of the classes for n-clex?

    thank you very much for your help.
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  5. by   suzanne4
    Just because you have a green card, it does not mean that your English skills are up to what they need to be..........and if you are having issues with deciding between two answers, sometimes taking an English review will be more of an advantage for you. It will teach you the different variances that you need to know. As well as the idioms that are used frequently here, and not seen in other parts of the world.

    And you may find that many employers are starting to ask for proof of passing the English exams, they are free to do that. Maryland even requires the English exam if the nurse is a US citizen and holds a US passport but trained out of the US.

    I would focus on the English skills first, especially if you are having problems with deciding on the correct answer between two.
    I have taught foreign nurses for years, and the issues are usually with the English.

    I personally would not recommend one program for the foreign nurse in the US.............they usually do not work, as the instructors are not used to the differences in training overseas, or the differences in the verbage used when you were in school. Many of the instructors in these programs have very little experience as an RN in a hospital setting, etc.

    It is much easier to do the preparation on your own, and that is what I recommend. The students that I help pass the first time.............
  6. by   seenacyriac
    i am sorry, not getting where to start practicing my english skills. are you recommending me to buy some english books? or the ielts book?

    thank you