1. i just had my att 2nd week of january and its going to expire on april the 27th, i tried to schedule my exams in hongkong or saipan but both are full already

    i finally got a slot for taiwan

    can anyone please enlighten me about taking nclex in taiwan
    experiences, suggestions anything will be deeply appreciated

    i'm so scared since i'll be traveling alone for the first time
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  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    i dont know about taiwan but sure thing is most people there speaks english so it will not be hard for u to communicate with them. dont be scared to travel aone, think that it is a new experience. convert scary first time travelling to an exciting one. arrive 2 days ahead of your test. look and be familiar with the place. find your test centre. the second day, travel, look around, see sceneic spots, relax...3rd day, take the test, shop after the exam, more leisure. u may wanna go home a day after the test. up to u:P and enjoy the waiting game of nclex result.
  4. by   rnozaut
    Don't be scared.April is considered a high season for travel so, Prepare early...Book a flight(with hotel accommodation) well in advance with a reputable travel agency. Arrive at least 2 days in advance to familiarize yourself of the location of the testing center from your hotel.
  5. by   missiejones
    thank you for the replies , I know what i feel are pre- exam jitters
    i just hope I could overcome this and concentrate more on my review

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! OMG i'm realy nervous
  6. by   liyam
    hi! im scheduled to take my exam in taiwan on april 10 but i don't know yet how to obtain a visa. is it true that taiwan doesn't issue visa to nclex-takers anymore?
  7. by   rnozaut
    Contact their Consulate in Manila....Taipei Economic and Cultural Office Information Division send edits
    2nd Floor, Low Rise Tower
    Pacific Star Building
    Makati Avenue, Makati City
    City: Metro Manila
    Phone: (+63-2)812-2016
    Fax: (+63-2)818-8834
  8. by   kiko88
    to missiejones,

    were you able to get a taiwan visa for your nclex?
  9. by   missiejones
    nope (",) tourist including those taking exams who will stay 14 days or less are not requied to have a visa
  10. by   missiejones
    liyam, you'll be taking the exams ahead of me, Godbless you

    I hope i could get tips about the place and how was it and any recommended hotels, thanks!
  11. by   ming wei
    i took my nclex exam last dec, in taipei. its a nice place.dont be scared and the people there are very kind.but most of them speak chinese not english.i am a chinese so its not a problem for me.exam center is very near mtr station.and the hotle where i was staying is royal crowne which is not far from the exam center.after ur exam u can go to some night markets where got a lot food to eat..take care
  12. by   liyam
    hi! i prayed for a miracle and God through the intercession of Mother Mary answered it. I'm now scheduled to take my nclex in hongkong on april 10. :roll after several sleepless nights of thinking about my schedule, i can now continue my review. rnozaut, thank you for your help. missiejones, i hope you pass your nclex and i hope everything will be ok. :spin: to those who are still having problems with their schedule, i will pray that your problems will also be resolved like mine.
  13. by   jannah
    to missiejones:

    hi,i just read your profile..i wish to seek an advise from you or any information on how you were able to get a slot in taiwan..what are the processes and how much would it cost..thanks
  14. by   Mago
    i lived in taipei , maybe i can help you to find a good accomdation here if you like. just contact me.

    personal e-mail addresses are not permitted to be posted for your safety. feel free to exchange that information via the pm system that is available to you.
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