1. Hello Nurses,
    How is everyone doing? I just came back from london,i ve written the nclex!!! and u know what? computer shut down at 75th question.i was shaking like someone with parkinsons was not easy ,but am glad i prepared very well.saunders really helped.
    well am scared of checking the result online,cos am still shaking:roll ,maybe i will check it later ,or wait for it to be posted.i advice people that are yet to write the exam to put in extra effort,cos its no joke.Another thing, i was stopped by the immigration and was locked up for 4 hours 30mins as investigation was carried out to make sure i was actually coming to write the exam.It was a terrible experince but i was so lucky i went with all the papers to back me up ,even job letters.they even took my diary and counted my money to ensure i had enough the end they had to let me go.thanks to u all for ur encouragement in this forum,i am grateful.God bless you all.please pray for me as i wait for my result
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Please let us know how you do.................
  4. by   pretty neirelle
    God bless.hope you will make it.