1. Hello nurses,am a foriegn trained nurse/midwife and am presently working in dominica.i wrote the cgfns exam,awaiting result,i passed the ielts last march and am preparing for the nclex,though am waiting for the ATT cos vermont BON is yet to make me eligible,the fault is not theirs,i registered with them in jan this year and my school just sent my trancript last monday!!!! can u imagin that!!!!!
    my question now is,how long will it take them to give me an ATT? Secondly,will the embassy grant me visa to the states or its territory for the exam if i present the ATT,or are there other requirements?Thirdly,i dont have any relative in the states,can i stay in a hotel? how will the embassy react to this and do i have to show them the recipt for the hotel at the embassy?
    pls a fast reply would be appreciated,i dont want to miss this exam and am really afraid of what will happen if i dont get the visa to sit for thia exam.
    thanks and God bless
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  3. by   suzanne4
    The US Embassy will not grant a tourist visa to come to the US to take the NCLEX exam. It is offered in London, and that would the closest for you. The exam is also offered in Hong Kong, Seoul, Taiwan, and Japan.