my IELTS results!! are my scores ok?

  1. HI!! I am new in this forum and I just wanna know your comments. I already have my IELTS results. I took the exam last may 30 of this year. I checked the results today and I found this:

    Listening 7.5 Reading 7.5 Writing 6.5 Speaking 7.5 Overall Band 7.5
    did I do well? Is my overall band score enough to get me a job as a nurse in the US? thanks!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    Did you take Academic module for IELTS?
  4. by   daintylady
    yes! the academic module
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Then I would suggest you check out the VSC handbook on CGFNS website as it gives a list of acceptable English exams and scores required
  6. by   angleann94
    you are doing very well. You passed.
  7. by   iamnomad
    Are you kidding, that's way above the required Band Score.

    But other countries may not acccept your Writing Band Score.
    Anyways, I do recognize that you intend to work in the US, so, you'll be fine.
  8. by   daintylady
    thank you for all your comments! very much appreciated! =)