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  1. Looking for some guidance. I have decided to go back and get a masters of business administration. I have always wanted to move more into management and administration. I am also open, and even hoping to move more into the corporate world. In my search for schools I discovered that the UK is "inviting" US students to study there. Well, after months and months of fantasizing and considering all the options I applied to three universities in the UK, as well as one US university. The kicker is, I am married with a two year old daughter, and they would come with me to the UK. I have done lots of research and applied to the University of Warwick, University of Lancaster, and Cranfield University. I have already interviewed with Cranfield and been offered a position there. I am waiting on the other two. I am also still waiting to here back from the US university.

    Some pros of going to the UK: the MBA is a one year programs as opposed to the US programs which are two, thus cutting living expenses in half. We would give up our car, so would not have the added costs of having a car like gas, insurance, repairs etc. Health insurance is a huge pro, covered under the NHS while in school there, in the US we might pay $10,000 a year for my family.

    There are definitely cons, like giving up being near family, starting in a new location with no social network, and the biggest of all, needing to either sell our house or rent it out while we are gone (this might be hard to do with the current market).

    I'm hoping some of you can offer some input on the three separate areas, Cranfield, Lancaster, and Warwick (by Coventy). Also, we plan to not have a car at all, how do you think that will work for us? It's hard to imagine not having a car for us, because where we live you must have a car, no mass transit at all.
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    Public transport in the UK isn't too bad as far as specifics

    Lancaster details here



    Not sure how much help these will be but there is some information there. I know lots of my nursing friends who rely on public transport and rarely have too many problems.
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    I'm still waiting to hear back from Warwick and Lancaster, but we might be in a dilemma if all three schools accept me. The schools all sound wonderful. We will probably not have a chance to visit all three before to make the final decision. Any advice on the differences on the three area? Cranfield, Warwick, and Lancaster?