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  1. Hi guys,

    This might be a double posting, but I really need to know this.
    I am a RN6 registered in NSW, Australia. I am currently working as a Clinical Nurse Educator.
    My background is mainly cardiothoracic surgery and transplant.

    I have always been interested in moving to canada, however always get discouraged to the fact that its a very complicated process.

    I was wondering, if there is any Aussies out there that moved over to canada that can help me out.

    Which state should I go to given my specialty? How does the process go?
    What do I need to know? Do I have to do CRNE prior to moving?

    Sorry if the question is too broad.

    The other thing that im worried about, is the fact that my wife to be (we are getting married in nov 2018) is not a professional. Can she just 'piggyback' on my permanent residence application by any chance?

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  3. by   dishes
    You can use the search tool in the top right hand corner to find other Aussie nurses who are in the process of or went through the process of trying to become licensed in Canada. Your first step is to pick a province you want to live in (if you're undecided narrow it down to your top two or three), then apply to national nursing assessment service (search nnas experience for other posters perspective). It can take 8 months to obtain your advisory report from nnas after which you apply to the provincial regulatory body. The RB may require you to undergo a competency assessment, different provinces have different names for their competency assessments ie BC is NCAS, ON is IENCAP. Canadian nurses no longer write the CRNE they write the NCLEX (same exam as American nurses).
  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    As far as your wife-to-be goes, there will be hurdles. If you were already hired into a professional position in Canada, it would be easier for her, but right now highly-educated and experienced Canadian nurses are having trouble being hired and aren't leaving their current positions without some guarantee of a new position to move into. Because you have experience as a CNE, you may have a slightly easier time of it when looking for work.