Moving to Australia?

  1. Hello! I`m thinking of moving from snow and cold(Sweden) perhaps down under. I have been a RN for 16 yrs and my wife for 11. We have 2 childrens. I like too hear from someone that alredy tried that how`s it like? Salarys, schooling for the kids, housing, benefits and so on. In short is it worth it? Please let take part of your experience/ Bizzy
    Of course am I glad too hear from anyone that can tell me how it`s like to live and work "down under".
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  3. by   ballyk
    I guess it really depends on where in Austrtalia you want to move to (some areas do actuallyget col dan dsnpow although not as bad as in Sweden of course!)
    Each state has aslightly different pay rates as well which can be confusing.

    It also depends what type of climate you want
    I live in Perth Western Australia nice HOT summers, (ie first few days of Autumn and we are 35 degrees today) cool winters beaches at our door
    wineries a few hours away!

    Most big hospitals have their own website so you can check out their facilities

    or my favorite place to work in in perth

    This hospital also has a informal network supporting new employees from overseas

    or *(just to sjho wI am no tbiased when I really am) one of the other perth hospitals can be found at

    I guess throw a dart at a map and see whats available there! Austrlai is nice and big and a good place to live and bring up kids to
    Can't comment on other places bt Perth real estate is Ok . Priced from probably Aus$150 000 for 3-4 nedroom house right up tp the severla million dollars! of course liek anywhere it depends where you want to live!
    good luck
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    Tookie where are you???????Aussiern?? I would love to go to Australia!

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