Moving from NZ to Canada and would love to continue working as an RN. .

  1. Hi guys! Are there any nurses out there that have successfully immigrated from NZ to Canada? I'm wanting to move to Vancouver for two years next year to work as a ward nurse and am just starting the registration/visa process. I am 26 years old and have two years experience as an RN in Oncology, Haematology and Renal. Any advice on this process would be greatly appreciated, it seems to have quite a few steps to it... Thanks in advance
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  3. by   YeXinZhi

    The Canadian job market for nurses is currently over saturated, especially in the big metropolitan areas like Vancouver. There is a surplus of nurses. Coupled with the influx of immigrant nurses, it doesn't bode well for nurses who are looking for a job. I highly doubt that you can get a position as a foreigner. As a permanent resident, your chances are higher.

    Remote areas of Canada are where they need the nurses so that's where I would look. If you have experience in the following areas you may have a better chance of landing a job in one of the big cities: emergency/trauma, ICU, dialysis, psychiatry, theatre nursing. I know coz I've been trying so hard to get a job on a work permit for the longest time(I live in NZ too). I have experience in Thoracic Medicine, Coronary Care and Emergency.

    If you know someone who will give you a job let me know.