Migrating to Canada: Question

  1. I searched but to no avail...

    Is the approximately 10k required for a single person to migrate Canada in CAD?

    Also, what form of money is acceptable? Check, cash, credit cards, etc?

    Thank you in advance; I've been searching here for a couple of days now.
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Sorry... what? What 10K? Who is asking you for 10K to emigrate to Canada? There are some costs involved, but I don't think it's that much! Give me more information and maybe I can help...
  4. by   tkhun
    It's 10K CAN - it's not an application fee, but the money you will need to survive on when you have landed in Canada and are still looking for a job and getting settled. It sounds about right, but you can confirm it by going to the websites below:

  5. by   control
    I am 24 years old and I have a BSN, am a registered nurse without any criminal background, and a US passport. I've been interested in migrating to Canada (specifically Ontario) for quite a while now. I contacted the CNO and received an application months ago, but I cannot even complete the process because I am not a citizen or a permanent resident.

    I have studied the immigration requirements for months. Part of an approved permanent residency application would include having 10,000 dollars (Canadian, I've learned from the above post; thank you!) to live on while you look for work after you arrive in Canada UNLESS you already have proof of a job offer (then the 10,000 dollar requirement is "waived"). I've applied for jobs and have even had telephone interviews, but no one is going to hire me (and I kinda don't blame them) because I'm not a citizen or permanent resident and I am not licensed to practice in Ontario.

    Any more help/info anyone can provide would be helpful. I even called the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration about the provincial nomination program earlier this year (February, maybe?) and I was informed that the program would be implemented in November. I may even try to go that route.

    tk, is the 10,000 CAD supposed to be cash only or can it be any means of funding? I will also check the last two websites after I leave work today. Thanks again.
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  6. by   tkhun
    It doesn't have to be cash - I don't think it's advisable to travel with that kind of cash. It can just be a bank statement showing that you have the equivalent of Can 10K in the bank. They make it this high because it can be quite difficult for some professions to find work in Canada e.g. Engineering. So someone can go for 8 or more months without a job and they would need something to live on. The government doesn't want you applying for welfare or tapping into public funds, so that's why they put this requirement in place. I came here as a landed immigrant 6years ago and even though I had bank statements showing I had the required funds, no-one asked me to provide that proof. When I landed, they only asked to see my immigration papers and nothing else. I doubt there are a lot of people who are asked to show this proof of funds when they land, so I wouldn't worry too much about it if I were you. Since you are planning to settle in Ontario, have a look at the following website - it's an excellent resource for people planning to settle in Ontario:

  7. by   control
    Thanks, tkhun. I will also check out that site.

    Obviously, I do not have the roughly 9100 dollars USD in the bank to migrate to Canada. I do have a car that is worth that much, but I kind of need it to get around in right now...won't need one in Toronto though I suppose.