Mental health nurse/Social Worker/Health visitor...Undecided??

  1. I am 33 with 4 children. I am at the moment doing a Pre-Access course at my local college. I am unsure on which direction of career to take.
    A Mental health nurse i have been researching and i am finding this very interesting. As i suffered with depression for a long time so i know and understand about the mental state. But i am also interested in becoming a social worker!!! Also a Health visitor i am very interested in.
    How am i going to decide on which career choice is right for me!! I know its up to me to decide but i really dont know which one to go for. I can see me in either 3. I really want a better life for me and my 4 children and i know its going to be tough getting to the end but i have never been so determined on wanting this. I am so focused on this course and keep thinking where me and my children could be in a few years down the line.
    How am i to know which direction to take and if its the right choice.
    Has any one got ay ideas/tips for me. What are these jobs like? How rewarding do you feel from these jobs!?
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  3. by   XB9S
    I suppose it's about what you want from your career, to be a health visitor you will need to be already an experienced nurse who then goes on to train further as a health visitor.

    Social worker is not a job I would ever want to do, but then that's a personal choice, here is a link to the general social care council which has some information about the job and training.

    Mental health nursing, again not something I know a great deal about. I only did 12 weeks in my general training and that was in an elderly mental health ward. There is some great information on the NHS careers website,

    you will need to sit down with as much information as you can about each job, and try to work out what you think will suit you best.
  4. by   Elldes
    Thank you ever so much i am going to look into the web sites you have given me!! I think i am going to be doing alot of researching x