Masters Advanced Nursing Practice

  1. Hello all,

    I have decided to take the plunge and do my Masters. Is there anyone else out there studying there masters in ADV NUR Prac at James Cook Uni out there so as we can network??

    Who else is out there studying??
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  3. by   Evie
    Here's a reply to your thread, Graynurse, so at least you have 1!

    Yes, I am studying, for GAMSAT! But you already knew that.

    I am having palpitations already - quick, do an ECG and give me some oxygen.

    Can't wait to see you as a CN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   Graynurse
    I can barely be an RN and you want to see me as a CN?? You are a real worry
  5. by   Interested Party
    I am contemplating post grad studies with Open University of Australia and am still deciding which one . I have been looking at GAMSAT for over a year now. Evie, where & when are you doing GAMSAT? I'll be interested in finding out what you think and how well you did. If and when I have decided on something I'll let you know.

  6. by   Trixiebell
    if anyone needs any info, help etc with gamsat, give me a yell...i did it last yr and am currently first yr med (about to switch to nursing but thats a whole different story)...
    so if you need help email me etc...i got 72 which was enough to get me a place and scolarship...i have some sets of notes available if anyone needs them (asking ppl to cover photocopying, postage...thats it, its a set of all the formulas, equations etc for chem, physics, bio)...
    good luck