LPN to RN?

  1. Hey guys I was wondering, is it easy to go to univeristy and getting a degree for registered nursing after completing a practical nursing course in college?
    does anybody know?
    My marks are not good enough to go to university right now, but I'd like to study for registered nursing, not practical.
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  3. by   nurseman
    You might consider taking some upgrading or retaking some high school courses to get your grades up.

    It might be faster to retake some high school courses to get your grades up. The RPN program in Ontario is 2 years (OK I'm not sure about Ontario but at Conestoga College in Kitchener it is 2 years) I do not know how much university would credit you for this. You'd have to ask the university(s) you were planning to attend. The tuition for one year of the RPN program is (2002-2003) $1,786 so it would be a lot cheaper if you could get your grades up.

    RPN Conestoga
  4. by   Wuiteroz
    Okay, thank you..
    I know a lot of people who did that, take a year off to upgrade their marks through summer school and night school...
    but it just seemed like at least I'll be going somewhere with my life if I'm already in college.
    Good point though, thanks.
    RPN program here is two years also. I just thought that because so many women who became practical nurses later came back to uinversity to study for registered nursing, and hte universities accepted them, it would be easier for me to study for practical nursing, then while working as a practical nurse attend university.