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  1. Does anybody know who makes up the entrance requirements for these programs?

    I'm only asking because I've been reading school catalogues and am amazed at the different requirements.

    They range form "current license and Grade 12 English" (for a BSN programme) to "current license, Gr. 12, English, Bio, Chem, and Math" (for a community college diploma). The only common requirement is current license and Grade 12 English. I've seen two colleges (100 km apart) have two totally different requirements. One college will admit you if you graduated within the last 12 months as an LPN, others require anywhere from 1700 - 4500 hours of experience.

    So, any idea of who does come up with the requirements? Is it the individual schools, RN associations?
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  3. by   Tashia
    i talked to a lady who was looking at the requirements and she said the same thing because her school wanted you to have alot more prereq's than mine did.
    she told me it's the school who plans the different qualifications. i'm guessing it's because maybe the more prereq's students have the higher the marks will be in the course and therefore they can say their students are smarter? just a thought....