LPN from Stenberg/Sprottshaw to RN - Difficult?

  1. Does anyone know whether the LPN from Sprottshaw and Stenberg College is recognized by schools that offer the RN degree (associates degree, not BSN)?

    My friend is thinking about doing the LPN first, and then looking at RN programs. However, I want to make sure that she doesn't waste time doing the LPN at one of these private schools if the degree won't count for much as a transfer. Another friend followed a similar track in the USA, and she felt like the LPN was a waste of time - she said it would have been more time efficient to go directly into an ADN program (i.e., 2 year RN program).

    Any advice is appreciated.
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  3. by   Fiona59
    Pretty much every province will have phased out the diploma RN by 2010. There is no such creature as a Canadian ADN.

    You'd have to check with a university to find out if they recognize your education.

    Usually an PN diploma will get you into second year of nursing school.

    No education is ever a waste, and I've seen some PN students who swore on a stack of bibles that they were going to bridge into the RN programme but didn't last long enough as an LPN to even apply for admission. Usually you have to have around 1700 hours (or a years full time experience) of practice time to be accepted into an BScN programme.