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I graduated from nursing and midwifery schools in the UK back in the sixties. In order to get certified over here in the US, I requested that the General Nursing Council of England and Wales confirm... Read More

  1. by   mercury
    Quote from suzanne4
    Midwifery training is only accepted if it is a Master's prepared program.
    If you completed your program back in the 60's, your schooling won't meet the requirements. CNMs in the US require NP status. Hope that this clears up some of your problems.

    Thanks Suzanne! No I'm not a CNM, but fortunately I'm only interested in practicing nursing here for a couple of years, perhaps until I begin to feel my age :chuckle . I have my CGFNS...and TOEFL...and certification of my license from every other country that I've worked in...save the UK. Time to make a few phone calls. Interesting tibit about five states in the US not requiring CGFNS. I had now idea.
  2. by   suzanne4
    It is not certification that you are looking for, only verification that you have an unencumbered license. Big difference....................you can save yourself alot of time this way.

    You said that you have taken the CGFNS exam, but have you applied for the Visa Screen Certification? This is completely a different animal and it has to be completed by all nurses wishing to work in the US on a green card or with a NAFTA Visa. This process is currently taking 6 to 8 months...................

    just thinking.....if you have taken the CGFNS exam, you would have had to have the paper filled out by your British Nursing Council to take the exam.
    What else do you still need?
  3. by   moffist
    I am undergoing the CGFNS process. They have accepted my RN qualification from the UK but I am now at a brickwall with my transcripts. They need my training transcripts but as I trained at a Training Hospital in the UK in the early 1980's I am unable to trace my transcripts. NMC say they don't have them. My training hospital say that Bucks University took over the training. Bucks say they only keep records for 10 years. I am now at a loss at where to try next. CGFNS won't pass me through their process UNTIL I can get my transcripts to them. They allowed me to take the exam (I'm still waiting on the results) but am unable to get any further. ANY help or advice from any other UK nurses or anyone who solved a similar situation would be apprecxated.