looking for RN who is interested in assisitng me with your career experience

  1. Hello, my name is Sung ju.

    I am a 1st year nursing student, attending Douglas collgeg in Vancover Canada.

    I have an assignment of making a nurse friend and exchanging 2-3 e-mails.

    Can somebody be my e-mail friend?

    If you so, please e-mail me. thank you

    My e-mail address is sungju07@hotmail.com :Melody:
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  3. by   C-40
    Hi there, I'd be happy to help you out if you haven't already found someone. Also, I'm writing because you are going to school in Vancouver and I have a question for you. My boyfriend would like to go back to school to study nursing, and we are thinking of moving to Vancouver. What can you tell me about the nursing schools there? Which schools would you recommend...especially for someone who is going back for a second degree? Thanks.