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released by PRC just before lunch time. couldn't find it on inq, mb and philstar websites. PRC website is currently down. can somebody post it please? a friend who went there told me that both her... Read More

  1. by   penpaper
    Quote from Lasagna_RN
    Penpaper----- Pls Update Yourself. Now It Seems Like Ur In The Same Boat With The Prc Chair---disappointing And Laughable.
    Respecting someone else's personal opinion is an admirable trait, you know.
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  2. by   arys1075
    i feel sorry with my fellow nurses who are going to retake board exam again especially those examinees who are affected outside the review centers mentioned...."sin is the sting of death"... "we will reap what we sow"...

    sometimes we enjoy the fruit of our labour but not this kind of thing... the leaders, teachers, review center owners must always set a good example so that nurses acquire new roles, responsibilities and building a solid foundation of nursing and caring knowledge to support the next "nurses" of tomorrow...

    wherever we go and whatever we do, we're thrustworthy and always proud to be a filipino...