liberating the talents

  1. Am I the only sad person who had read this?? interesting to note that nurses are to get referral powers and authority to order stuff like X-rays...........have they told the Doc's yet? gives us 10 key roles including performing minor surger. we live in interesting times...............

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  3. by   jevans
    We certainly do Karen

    I work on a Stroke Unit and had to guide the SHO on CPR during an arrest recently.

    We find that we tend to have alot of young doctors, first post in UK

    It is a sad state of affairs when the nursing team are relied on to ensure that there is safe care from doctors for our patients
  4. by   tony summers
    Hi karen

    Our department is keen on implimenting all of these ten key aspects that you are talking about. We as nurse practitioners already do alot of them already, refer to specialities, request xrays, precribe,looking into minor procedures like reducing dislocated shoulders/ colles and looking at the rest.

  5. by   tony summers
    Just another thought most of the doctors here aren't aware that we are planning to take over completly
  6. by   karenG
    thats what I meant! as a np, yes we do lots of these things already but this is going to across the board in primary care, and as such will mean a major mindset change for a lot of people. a friend has just had a referral to a dermatologist returned because it didnt come from the GP! (and thats in medway) so lots of good things happening and recognition for what we can do but not sure how our medical friends will take this!!!!!

  7. by   tony summers
    Alot of the old school people are not going to take this and are going to be very pedantic about who they take their referral from, even if that person has never seen the patient. They are not going to care if it is the best interests of the patient to see them. They are not worried about the patients best interest only maintaining their place in the pecking order of things, where they are at the top and every one who is not a doctor is beneath them and therefore not worth talking to, let alone accept referal from.

    Saying this the majority of the new and younger consultants recognise that nurses are quite capable of refering a patient to them. They also recognise that seeing these patients ensures that a patient has smooth passage through their illness and their street cred doctor is raised.
  8. by   CliveUK
    It does make me wonder though - what do any of these "new roles" have to do with nursing?
  9. by   tony summers
    The role of nursing is changing to accomodate these roles and part of this role is ensure that the patient always the best and most appropriate care at teh earliest possible opportunity and with the minimal amount of fuss.
  10. by   kittya
    Lots of radiographers and suchlike have been reported as refusing referrals from nurses (doesn't make the situation any easier) have seen lots of examples of nurses filling in referral forms, putting on SHO names and numbers and doing anyway, thus ensuring patients receive investigations/tests nurses deem necessary to enable them to provide optimum nursing care based on sound diagnosis!
  11. by   CliveUK
    Does nursing care depend on medical diagnosis? I don't believe so.
  12. by   karenG
    no I dont think that nursing care depends on a medical diagnosis. A lot of what I do is what a mum does! with the breakdown of the extended family, lots of the young mums that I see have no-one to ask for advice- which is where I come in! is this nursing? yes, I think so. its about caring for people and you dont need a medical diagnosis to do that. its just a shame that a lot of our medical friends have forgotten that!

  13. by   BritishStudent
    Originally posted by CliveUK
    It does make me wonder though - what do any of these "new roles" have to do with nursing?
    im begining to suspect that Nursing is not an actual word. Im begining to think that nurses dont 'nurse', certainly not in the Roper Logan and Tierny days fashion (RLT's reseach was primarily done from data in areas in which nurses core role was providing care for the bedbound)

    If I may be so bold;

    "Nurses 'care'."

    and these new roles are simply the lifting of barriars to the provision of said care.

  14. by   tony summers
    I agree nurses do care and then provide what a patient needs in discussion with the patient as to what the patient may want. Nurses do not rely on a medical diagnosis, they rely on discussion with the patient to find out what is best for the patient without any need to know what the medical diagnosis is.