Know anyone waiting for their pay from Code Blue nursing agency

  1. Hi,

    if you know anyone still waiting to get paid from work completed under Code Blue Nursing Agency Brisbane,

    they need to lodge a written complaint with the fair work ombudsman. Go to , then click on complaints, click on forms, and then download workplace complaint. Fill it out, send with any supporting evidence of the shifts you worked, I also sent a copy of all emails, and payslips I received, as well as a copy of the contract i signed.

    I discovered after 3 months, and numerous phone calls that Code Blue Brisbane is not under liquidation,they still have a business number and name, but changed it. Since, they weren't liqidated like Code Blue Victoria, I couldnt lodge a claim with General Employee and Entitlements Redundancy Scheme (

    Please encourage them to file a claim, the fair work ombudsman is investigating my case now, and I know a few people being owed $2000- 5000, plus superannuation. Dont let that company owner walk away with your money.
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  3. by   carolmaccas66
    Hey Alleegrrl, I'm not waiting on any money from CB, but it's good to see someone being proactive re that company.
    My agency (whom I won't name on here), recruited a lot of their workers. I went thru CB for employment and the runaround I got was unbelievalbe. I'd travelled up from the country to see them, was made to wait forever to see the one recruiter (there was no receptionist or anybody else there), and she kept just answering her phone all the time interrupting me. There were forms etc I had to take home with me & I was waiting on a police clearance, etc. So I copied everything I needed, then sent it all by overnight post. Well no word for about a week. Rung up and was told they had received my paperwork, but it was lost & I would have to re-send it all again! I spent about $15.00 copying everything and plus the postage etc. Well I can't repeat what I said to that stupid woman on here, let's just say my Irish temper got the better of me and she was abused. She was a flighty, disorganised air-head and I told her as much.
    Now I think God maybe made sure my paperwork was lost so I wouldn't go work for them!
    Great stuff you put this on here for some poor soul who may be wondering how to get their money.