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  1. Hey everyone,

    I wrote the CRNE in Feb of '09. It's been a month now since I have found out that I was successful in the exam. However, I have yet to have any luck finding a job.

    I graduated in the summer of 2008 so I have no experience except for my clinical experiences and few nursing summer jobs I've had during my student years. They say healthcare is recession proof but I'm finding this wait unbearable. Is anyone else in the same boat or is it just me? Why am I waiting so long to even get called for an interview? I've sent countless resumes to a number of hospitals .. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   coola
    Be more active. Make sure you have a good resume. Print it up and track down nurse managers in units you want to work in that have vacancy. Try to get an appointment but definitely leave resume and call back in a week to get a response. There's often a disconnect between HR and managers, so go to the source (ie. manager). Meanwhile, develop HR connections - get them working for you. Get involved, do something in the field- do volunteer work in hospital, put it on your resume.
    Hope this don't want too big a blank space.
  4. by   linzz
    I agree with the above post about needing to be more active in your search. You may even need to start in LTC or in home care, although I am sure these may not be your first choice but they would give you something to put on your resume.

    I am wondering if the issue is that you may have missed the time frame for the new grad initiative which, correct me if I am wrong, begins right after graduation and goes for about 7 months. Employers in Toronto may be getting resumes from students who's wages will be covered for 7 months. This just means that you will have to likely push a lot harder to get hired at your hospital of choice.

    Anyways, check out the Health Force Ontario website.
    Good luck.