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  1. I went to a job fair and found something I am very interested in . The manager seemed to be o.k. with me and showed me the unit. Because of my H4 Visa they need to investigate what to do . But I was also asked to "shadow" with one of their nurses. Do I wait until they call me to set up an appointment or do I call them? And how long do you usually wait until you call?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    With the H-4. you will need to go thru the Adjustment of Status and have your petitioning done.

    Most of the work is done by the immigration attorney, just a fwe documents need to be given the the attorney.

    The key point is that the job must be posted for at least ten days, and then there is a 30 day wait period that needs to be followed.

    I can talk you thru it, you know how to reach me.:spin: