is there SAIPAN BON?

  1. would like to ask if there's SAIPAN BON? if license in saipan BON, is it recognized in all US states if planning to apply in other state (by endorsement upon completing the requirement of the preferred state to work)? pls enlighten...thank you!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    There is a Saipan BON, or equaivalen, but they are not found on the web. They do things the old fashioned way, snail mail and telephone.

    But can I ask a question? Why would you want to go that route, if you are going to need to endorse to work in the US? Makes no sense to throw out the money if you are not going to work there.................You wil lstil lneed to go thru the endorsement process and that could actually be a longer time for you.
  4. by   suzanne4
    thread moved to international forum since it pertains to working in the us.