Is language a barrier for nursing?

  1. Hello i am an international student. my first language is not english, but i am studying in new zealand. does someone have similar situation as me? is language a barrier for future career? i have no idea whether i need to continue my study or not.can someone give me some suggestion?????thanks!!!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    It depends on where you want to work. If you wish to live in Australia or the US, you are required to have English standards the same as a native speaker.

    Sure, you can listen to a patients lungs, have them turn over without speaking the language, etc. But how do you do a proper assessment on them without being able to fully speak and understand the language. If you are planning on working as a nurse even in New Zealand, I would recommend that you continue your English studies or you will not be permitted to stay.

  4. by   vivianhuang
    thanks a lot:chuckle of course i will continue my english study and i have to i mean if i pass all courses in the bachelor degree and the examination for registration, can i get a job? because i think if i pass all of these, it means i have already met the requirement to be a nurse. is that right? also i am working in a rest home and a hospital as my part-time job. i will have some experience after graduate, is that better? i really want to work in australia, because my boyfriend's family is living there. just sometime i feel upset and frustrated about my english. what can i do?
  5. by   suzanne4
    Since you are training in New Zealand, you will still have to pass the nursing boards for Australia. The the IELTS series, same as you would if you wanted to work in the US will also be required. But if you are already able to attend class in English you should not have any problems. Yes, after you finish your studies you will be eligible to work in Australia IF you pass your boards and English exams.

    When do you graduate? I would recommend contacting the Australian Board of Nursing. I believe that Gwenith has listed their information under the Australasian thread.

    Keep me posted on how things are going for you...................
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    Thanks your reply I still have two-year study. I am studying in stage 2. SOmetimes i fell confident, but sometimes ........just feel stressful. I have stuied Clinical Medicine for four years in my country. So I can manage the science or maths. But i feel it's not easy to be accepted in the society. I remembered at the beginning in stage one, I was the only international student in my class, no one told to me( now it's getting better. Few monthes ago, I tried to find a part-time. Before I opened my month, they said they need someone good at English! Frustrated! I am not that bad I am a hard-working person, I just feel sometimes i have no chance to practice. but anyway) i will not give up! you make me feel confident!! Nice to meet you in the internet
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    Vivian, Definitely don't give up. Practice speaking English as much as possible, watch movies, pay attention to the accents. I have friends over here that are actually fluent in English, and primarily self taught from watching movies. It really does work. My students at my school watch movies almost on a daily basis. We have a total of about 200 so they have a wide choice.

    Good luck......................and feel free to send me a PM anytime.
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    I'm not a student yet, but I'm trying to become one, and my situation is the same: my first language is not english. Since I came in USA (1yr) I've attended school trying to improve my english (I took some english courses back in my country, so I'm not a beginner!!). In the present, I understand and write pretty well english, but I still have problems talking.
    I'm just at the beginning and I don't have any clue if I'm going to be admitted in the nursing program, but I'm not giving up at my dream.
    So, I want you to know that you're not alone and there is someone in the same position as you!!!


    Quote from vivianhuang
    Hello i am an international student. my first language is not english, but i am studying in new zealand. does someone have similar situation as me? is language a barrier for future career? i have no idea whether i need to continue my study or not.can someone give me some suggestion?????thanks!!!
  9. by   suzanne4
    Cera, My suggestion to you also, try to watch as many movies as you can. That really helps. Pay attention to how they are using words to get their point across. I tried this with one of my students that started with me three months ago, and her speech is now completely fluent. I have several friends that did this over here in the past and it really worked for them.

    Good luck to you........................
  10. by   vivianhuang
    I am sorry about telling you my feeling now. I am considering to change my major to science actually I started to think about this since last stage, but untill now I still have no idea. Nursing is a good major to study and a good career, but after one-year study, I found I was not really really enjoy my study. Since I was a child, I liked everything about science, that was the reason why i chose Medicine to study in my country. After I came to NZ, I knew I couldn't study medicine. I though nursing was similar as medicine. But now I realized that was completely different.
    The reason which I am thinking about changing the subject, is not the course. The course is great, but just I am not very interesting in it. I passed all the course and gained good marks in stage one. but i am thinking about if i am not interesting in this career, probably i will not work very well in my career.I mean if i countine my study, i will still try my best and work hard in the future. but .......i don't know how to describe my feeling.
    i am so sorry telling you about this. maybe you will very disappointed about me.
    I asked some of my tutors, especially my science tutors, they said i am good at science, i need to think about carefully. Could you give me some suggestions?? I really need your help!
    Also do you know something about the science job opportunity? the reason why i cannot make a decision, is my career. can i find a job after graduate from science? my god!!what i need to do?
  11. by   vivianhuang
    Don't give up your dream!! My changing is not the problems of the course or the nursing career! it's just my interests and my personality. Honestly nursing is not my dream. But anyway!! Keep going! and good luck!
  12. by   suzanne4
    Vivian: My degree that I received first was in Biology with a major in physiology. The nice thing about nursing is that you can get a job in almost country in the world. You actually will never be out of a job. It is up to you to make the right decision for yourself, but aren't you already 1/2 way done with completing your studies? You can also use nursing as a stepping stone to other things. Are you familiar with any of the nurse practitioner programs that are being offered now? Perhaps you should look into those before you make any sudden decisions.................................

    But remember that it is you and only you who should make the final decision.

    Good luck.....Please keep me posted....................
  13. by   vivianhuang
    i know the best thing for nursing is: they are accepted all over the world. but sometimes i find i have no motivation to study the nursing courses. i can say now i am forcing myself to study. is ti a good thing for me ?
    could you tell me how you feel about your biology study
  14. by   suzanne4
    The biology and physiology classes that I took helped out tremendously through the years. I actually took a leave from nursing school for about 6 months because I also hated it back then. But I did complete my studies, and over the years I have done different things away from bedside nursing but medicine of some type is always in the background. At one point I was designing medical offices and facilities, worked as a flight nurse during that time prn, etc. it is a very nice thing to have to fall back on. I always try to keep my mind open to new things. And now I am trying to give back to a country that I love very much by helping the nurses over here increase their status, etc.