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  1. Hi, I am still waiting for my eligibility from VT BON. Ifever I receive it, I will not register at pearson immediately because I plan to take the Nclex exam next year maybe on March so ifever, I will register at pearson in February because my understanding is that once you receive the ATT, you will be allowed to take the exam within 3months upon its receipt. The problem is that it is difficult to make a schedule in Hongkong. However, I encountered someone that in her ATT she is allowed to take the exam within a year. Is it true?
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  3. by   tsuyaks
    Some state do have 1 year validity of their ATT like if you applied in California BON. What I know in Vermont is they only give 3 mos.
  4. by   mtjmnov
    Thank you so much tsuyaks, I guess I have to assess myself first if I am already ready to take the exam before I register at pearson.
  5. by   ernbabjr
    hi i just want to ask how long is the the validity once you received your eligibility letter? I dont know if im going to register immediately and i planned to review first. so please any infos . thanks
  6. by   tsuyaks
    when i got my eligibility it was valid for a year. i applied at CA BON.
  7. by   mtjmnov
    As far as I'm concerned, eligibility in VT is also valid in one year. As soon as I receive my eligibility I will post it here.

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