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  1. This is my first time here. I am wondering if there are other nurses who are not practicing right now. I'm a full-time mom and a freelance 'ghost' writer. I think it's difficult to go back in the nursing practice since I'm not getting any younger. Any other nurses who faced a situation like mine? Is it difficult to go back after years of dormancy?
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  3. by   dave787
    well you can undergo a didactic training usually that is required after years of dormancy
  4. by   corne
    Do you know where can I get a training like that? Thanks for the reply.
  5. by   dave787
    try to go to PGH they have 6months training
  6. by   pusongpinay
    Quote from dave23
    try to go to PGH they have 6months training
    with regards to the PGH training. I was wondering if you have heard about the volunteer work in PGH? They say, aside from the 6 mos. training, they have this "levelling program?" which offers a flexible schedule. Something like: completing certain hours to go from level 1 to level 2 etc.
  7. by   suzanne4
    You need a refresher program put on by a reputable school. These training programs do not give you experience in anything.

    A volunteer position does not give you credit in terms of any actual work experience, it does not count towards that.

    Do you still hold a current license to practice? That would be my first question, without that; there is no way to go any further.
  8. by   yanalyn
    hi corne! am glad i found someone who is in the same situation as mine....i graduated wayback year 2000 and i just passed the December 2007 NLE...i worked in a different field for 5 years, and now i've decided to practice my nursing profession...have you found a hospital who's accepting/training inactive nurses like us?have you tried inquiring PGH?what did they say to u?thanks in advance...
  9. by   aikamikako
    hello corne and yanalyn, same case with me for the inactivity-though i enrolled myself in a review center for 3months just to update my knowledge in practice or latest edition; 2 years ago. i'm currently working in sales field but still having always time to update myself to our profession. i have a goodnews for us if you really want to goback to medical field,if you are interested pls send me your email add. thanks.
  10. by   corne
    hello! sorry for not replying for a very long time. I didn't inquire at PGH because it's a 2 hours travel from my place. I was informed by a friend that you can have a training in NKI (national kidney institute) and PHC (Philippine heart center) with a fee. What I can remember is you have to pay an amount of 4-5k, and the training is for about 2-3 months. If you are looking for experience, you can try that. If you are looking for just information or seminars, then you can inquire at hospitals near you for seminars. I hope this helps. My apology again for this late reply.
  11. by   corne
    Hello Yanalyn! Sorry for this late reply, I was not able to log in here for quite some time. If you want a training, a friend advised me to inquire at NKI (national kidney institute) and PHC (Philippine heart center). They give 2-3 months training, but you have to pay some fee for that, if I remember right it costs about 4-5k. If you only want seminars, you can inquire at hospitals near you, some of them gives seminars for nurses every now and then. I hope this helps. Again, my apology for the late reply. Nice to meet you here.