Immigration attorney and fees

  1. I found an employer who is willing to petition me. However, I would need to pay for the lawyer fees. The lawyer charges around $2500 to file the petition papers (I-140) plus INS fees. Is this fairly reasonable? What are the other steps in the immigration process that I would need a lawyer for? It looks like this fee is to for filing the petition and nothing more.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    There is an entire gambit of papers for immigration, not just the I-140. You will need an attotney for the entire process, not just that one document. I suggest that you sit down with the attorney and have them go over all fees and what is expected from you. Or via phone or e-mail if overseas.

    It is huge stack of documents that need to be submitted.

    The other issue is that right now, only the I-140 can be submitted, nothing more if you are in the US right now. This will not give you the permission to stay or work until there are more visas available.