IM injections???

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    I have a question and I was wondering if someone can help??? I am doing a flu vaccine clinic, and I was asking one of the nurses with me, "what happens if a nurse does not asspirate the needle, and just gives the injection?" Also, what happens if the needle hits an artery, or nerve, and the vaccince was injectected? What will happen???" I never got any clear answer on this topic, I am very curious to know?? Does anyone have an answer??? Thank you!
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  3. by   cindyRN 2006
    The reason that you aspirate is so that the patient gets the med the correct route. If you don't aspirate and get it in a vein then the patient just got the med IV instead of IM. There is obviously serious complications that would accompany this error.
  4. by   Fiona59
    Here in Alberta, you require a certificate to administer any vaccine. It requires 40+ hours of study and a workshop before any LPN can be hired to work in an immunization clinic of any sort.

    Does Quebec not require this? The certification ensures that the LPN knows these facts.

    You could in theory have your license revoked if using a vaccine here without the certificate.

    Check with your licensing body to see if this is even within your scope of practice and don't just take your RN or facilities word for it.
  5. by   vanpsych
    Hi Carlom

    Aspiration is an important safety check before injecting the IM. Brief aspiration after placement will draw either an air bubble, which will indicate the needle has missed critical vessels, or blood which indicates vessel puncture, STOP everything and withdraw.

    I believe that if you hit a live nerve the patient will have let you know long before you have to wonder.