Im a German Lisence Nurse

  1. Im a lisence German nurse, finished my nursing education in Germany and worked as a nurse in an ICU i Koeln. Now im working as a Clinical technician CTICU at the Cleveland Clinic Founadation here in Cleveland, Ohio while waiting for my paper works to be processed.

    Im having a hard time getting mine. I applied through the California Board of Nursing but the lady whos reviewing my paper works is giving me a hard time. Shes insisting that my german Certificate or diploma(Urkunde) is not the german nursing license. She wants me to send her a copy of my german nursing license.
    i tried explaining to her also the school of nursing that i visited in germany that the diploma acts as a german nursing license but it seems that she doesnt understand.

    hope you can give me some hint how you got your US nursing license

    take care, hope to hear from you guys...

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    I think I know just the person here who can answer these questions for you.. click on this link, (International Nursing Forum) and go to "questions for SUZANNE" .. she's our expert on these questions.

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