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Hi anyone out there, first time I have used this kind of thing so bear with me! I am about to have an interview for a Pediatric Oncology position (RN) in Vancouver. I am a little apprehensive as I... Read More

  1. by   fergus51
    Good luck! I have never been through a formal interview, so I have no idea what they'll ask.
  2. by   Yvonne Kalla
    Hi Fergus51

    I survived the interview!!! They offered me a position! Starting me on the 6th salary scale, so that is great, more than I am getting now. So now I have to look into moving seriously.

    Any luck on finding about daycare? How much do you spend on utilities, gas, electric etc, and is it expensive to get a car and insure it. I was working out that petrol here is about $2.00 a litre!!

    Keep in touch.

  3. by   Heather56
    congratulations on the job and welcome to BC. I'm glad you were able to get recognition for your previous nursing experience. It's been a few years since I had to access daycare and I am living in Victoria but BC has a pretty good daycare system. There are various different types of daycare available from non-licensed in home to daycare centres. I have always gone with licensed in-home care and have been quite lucky with that. The best place to get names is at work, there is probably a posting board in the hospital or maybe co-workers can recomend someone. good luck.
    I found used cars out here less expensive than back east as the don't rust out as fast and it sounds like our gas is still pretty good at from 79 to 85 cents a litre. Also Vancouver has a pretty good public transport system, certainly better than Victoria where buses don't even start to run on the weekends until after shift has started!
    Once again, welcome to BC.

  4. by   Yvonne Kalla
    hi Heather

    Thanks for the reply. You didn't mention cost of day care, I was looking on the net and got freaked out by some of the prices!

    I am getting really excited about the move now, and the more I hear about Canada I feel sure I have made the right decision.

    I just hope there aren't any hitches with all the paperwork I have to fill out!

    Where do you work? and how many kids do you have? I hope I can cope with going back to full time work as I have only worked part-time since my son was born. By the way, do you know anything about Maternity leave entitlement, I heard it was one year off on full pay, is that correct? If so that is brilliant, we only get 8weeks full pay then 8 weeks half pay then nothing.

    Keep in touch

  5. by   fergus51
    Congrats Yvonne! That's great!

    The only daycare price I got was from a co-worker who has her kids in a non-liscenced facility and she pays 60$ for a day or 75$ for a night. These are 12 hour shifts (she is a paramedic). I assume your husband won't be working 12 hours so I am sure you will be able to find something. I have a call in to a liscenced day care, but they are taking their sweet time in getting back to me.

    You heard right about the maternity leave being a year. It just changed, it used to only be six months (though I am not sure about the money). Your employer is required by law to hold your job for you which is nice.

    Gas here is only 66 cents a litre right now, and I think it is usually a little less in Vancouver. But I totally agree that they have a really good public transport system. Cars are cars. I drive a little 95 civic that cost me 6500$ and I spend about 850$ a year on insurance. Mind you, our insurance is probably going to be privatized in the near future, so prices will probably be changing. I spend about 200$ a month on groceries, but I do eat out a fair amount (I hate cooking!). I don't know about utilities as they are included in my rent.

    Wow, I am so happy for you. I hope you like life in Vancouver. It's a strange place all right!
  6. by   midnightkk

    I don't know if you are already in Vancouver, but I live in Surrey, which is about 40 min from Van. I assume you would be working at Childrens Hospital. I do not know too much about ped oncology, but they have quite a BMT ward, I once worked in the Cell Separator Unit, collecting platelets. You would love Van. I do not agree with the stats. on language, yes it is a multicultural city, with lang of Asian and East Indian descent but there are far more English speaking people. There are hospitals with daycare, but there are also many other daycare facilities. There are now 9 levels of nursing, top level will make about $32.00/hr April 2002. It is an expensive city to live in but it has beautiful mountains, great skiing, hiking, and the ocean is right there. Let me know if you decide to come to beautiful BC.


  7. by   midnightkk

    So, it looks like you got the job! That is great! Is it a Childrens Hospital? Daycare can run from $30.00-$40.00 day. I found a grandmother type person and she was wonderful. When are you moving here? Was your interview over the telephone or are you already here ? I noticed your birthday is the same as mine (different year)

    Take care

  8. by   Yvonne Kalla
    Hi Girls,

    Thanks a million for all your input, I am really starting to get an idea about the cost of living etc in Canada. I am really happy with the decision to move, but I am still a little worried about putting my son into daycare as he has been looked after by myself and grandparents up to now, but I am sure he will survive!!

    Karen, I was interviewed here in Scotland, Women& Childrens did a big recruitment drive here, so I think you will see a glut of Brit nurses coming over.

    I reckon it will take about 4-6months to process all my paperwork, so I won't be out there much before March. Ideally I would like to come in the summer, say June, will the weather be nice then? I think it will make all the difference if we see the place at its best, you know first impressions etc!!

    I have been so thrilled by the replies I have recieved, and it proves what I already knew, that the Canadians are a great bunch of people, I hope I can meet up with you guys when I come over, it would be great to have some folks I know.

    Karen how old are your kids? and where do you work?

    Keep in touch

  9. by   fergus51
    The daycare finally phoned me back. They said it was 600$ for full time per month. Of course this is based on a 9-5 job...so...probably useless info
  10. by   Yvonne Kalla

    Thanks for looking into it for me, $600 doesn't sound too terrible, you didn't mention if it was in Vancouver though, or are they all about the same do you think?

  11. by   midnightkk
    Hi Yvonne,

    My kids are 8,12,19 years old. My 12 year old is a great babysitter. My 19 year old is either working(she is a hairdresser), or she is out with her boyfriend. $600.00 for fulltime daycare sounds about right in Vancouver or the suburbs around the area. I am sure your son will do fine in daycare, once he gets use to it. Many children love to go, as they make friends, do crafts and many different activities, of course more as he gets older.

    The weather in June is 50/50 sun or rain, this past year it was nice. It is not a sure bet on fantastic. When it is sunny, it is great!

    Just a few more nursing facts to help you with your decision. There is major nursing shortage, as you are well aware, and probably also in the UK as well. Nurses here do many functions that are non nursing duties. Many nurses here are going to the United States where they make more $, about $30-$50 US/hour, with sign on bonus and other fringe benefits. I don't want to discourage you, but I just want you to be aware. Our cost of living is the highest in Canada as well, but I love it here and wouldn't want to raise my family anywhere else.

    I hope we could meet when you arrive.