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  1. so i came to canada (where im originally from) last friday night as my dad had taken a heart attack, it sounded very serious so i flew home. well as i was checking into the airport i scanned my passport and it said 'some countries want a passport valid for more than six months' mine was about seven months left before it was to expire. so fine i applied for an express passport when i came into halifax last week. thats not the issue, its all finished i just need to pick it up monday before i leave to go back to az. i am so worried because i have the worst luck. my luck i will get there and they will have said 'oh we sent it out ot you' when they said it would be available for pick up. then i always get so worried when going through customs on the way back to the US. i dont know why. i am always so scared they will not let me back into the US. anyways im sorry i just needed to vent, its been a very stressful week and a half. if im not stressed about one thing, im stressed about another. especially when it comes to crossing the border. now that my dad is going to be absolutly fine, i need something else to worry about i suppose!! if anyone can offer some reassurance about crossing back into the US so i dont get so anxious that would be wonderful......sorry to take up some space
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Glad to hear that your father is doing okay.........
    As long as you have your Visa Screen Certificate with you, you shouldn't have any problems...that is the biggest concern nowadays.....