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  1. I am a foreign educated Registered Nurse from my country and I am now living here in WA USA. I got my green card a month ago. I wanna be an RN here. What's the best thing to do? Do I still need to take the CGFNS? If I do, where is the nearest site to take CGFNS?Hope someone can help me. Thanks.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    1. Go to website for Board of Nursing for WA and check out their requirements.
    2. You will need to write the NCLEX exam as well.
    3. Also depends on which country that you attended school in, you must meet the educational requirements of the state, and not all programs will do that. Not all RN licenses in other countries meet the requirements of the US.

    The website will give you the requirements of what you will need to do.